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Mozy Comparison and Review

Mozy Review


  • Allows you to set your bandwidth usage
  • Offers a "Restore Wizard"
  • Online backup company has been in business for at least 5 years
  • Professional plan offers server backup


  • Does not offer phone support for personal plans


[Updated 11/6/2014]

Mozy's home plan pricing of 50 GB for $5.99 per month and 125 GB for $9.99 per month, is slightly above and slightly below, respectively, our Market Standard of 10 cents per gigabyte. However, Mozy lacks customer phone support for their MozyHome plans. We liked that they allow you to save multiple versions of the same file and have a “Restore Wizard” that allows you to go back as far as 30 days to restore a lost file.


Mozy works by giving you downloadable backup software for your computer, which will prompt you to select only the types of files you want backed up, such as music, photos, Word docs, email contacts, etc. The program will then run in the background and perform off-hours automatic backups that you can schedule. Mozy does not run continuously and instead performs incremental backups, which help saves your bandwidth by saving only new or updated files and not backing up your entire computer every time.

Mozy allows you to save multiple versions of the same files at different points in time, so that you can access previous versions of your work at any given point. Note that Mozy does not offer file sharing that lets you easily share files. Mozy’s “Restore Wizard” is a program that will help you restore lost files to their proper place on your computer. Additionally, they’ll let you go back as far as 30 days to restore any deleted information. Mozy is compatible with both Macs and PCs and offers both iPhone and Android apps.

Professional Options

In addition to personal online storage plans, Mozy also offers a MozyPro plan for those needing business-level backup service. You can upgrade to a professional plan at any time and you will not need to re-upload files. MozyPro plans offer a 30 day free trial. Features on Mozy’s business service include server support, 24-hour phone support, a customized company domain, and admin control capabilities. These services start at $9.99 per month for 10 GB.

Customer Support

Mozy offers its 24-hour phone support only to MozyPro users. Personal plan customers have access to 24/7 chat support, but live chat is unavailable for Mozy’s free account. Mozy also offers comprehensive FAQs, forums, tutorials, and searchable knowledgebases, which we found very helpful. During testing, we found live chat and email customer support to be very high quality.


Mozy is owned by EMC Corporation, a Fortune 500 country with offices all over the globe. They have been in business for more than seven years and are, therefore, rather reliable. It is very important to choose a reliable company with a great track record to ensure that you won’t lose your files. Mozy utilizes 256-bit AES encryption to protect your files, which is the same type of encryption that the military uses to store information that is supposed to be kept top-secret for 100 years.


MozyHome plans offer two levels of storage: 50 GB for $5.95 per month and 125 GB for $9.99 per month. These plans are slightly above and slightly below our Market Standard of 10 cents per GB. If you buy one year of service, you will receive one month free; if you buy two years of service, you will receive three months free. Mozy also offers a free personal plan with up to 2 GB of storage. As mentioned in the Professional Options section, MozyPro plans start at $9.99 per month for 10 GB.

Mozy's Pricing

50 GB


125 GB


Annual Discount

One month free

Free Account

2 GB

Mozy's Features

Professional Options


Automatic Backup


Scheduled Backup


Incremental Backups


File Sharing


File Versioning


File Restoration

30 days

System Compatibility

Windows, Mac

Mobile App

iPhone, Android

Phone Support


Live Chat Support


Quality of Customer Support

Above Average