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Jungle Disk Comparison and Review

Jungle Disk Review


  • Offers file sharing capability
  • Allows you to set your bandwidth usage
  • Allows you to restore files for an indefinite amount of time
  • Professional plan offers server backup


  • Monthly fee equates to higher than our Market Standard of 10 cents per GB
  • Does not offer an annual discount
  • Does not offer phone support
  • Offers below-average customer support
  • Does not offer a free personal storage account


With low quality customer service, no phone support and a slightly high monthly fee compared to other providers, Jungle Disk does not meet most of our Market Standard criteria. However, Jungle Disk does offer a couple of desirable features, including file-sharing capability and the ability to restore your files for an indefinite amount of time with all of their plans, as well as the option to back up your server with their professional plans.


Jungle Disk’s online backup service gives you downloadable software that copies your files and uploads them over the Internet to Jungle Disk’s backup storage servers. After an initial backup, which could take a long time, depending on the size of your files to be saved, you can schedule when future backups will be performed, or you can select automatic, incremental backups that are performed whenever a file is created or altered. Incremental backups help to decrease the amount of bandwidth used, since you won't be backing up your entire computer every time.

Jungle Disk also allows multiple versions of each file to be saved so that, when performing a restoration, you can select from a variety of file versions rather than just the most recent saved copy. Jungle Disk does not place limits on restoring your files, meaning you can find and restore any file you may have deleted accidentally. Jungle Disk is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, and they offer an app for the iPhone so that you may access and save your files on your smartphone.

Professional Options

Jungle Disk offers two types of professional plans: Workgroup and Server Edition. Workgroup Edition allows multiple users to access files and costs $4 per user per month for 10 GB and costs 50 cents per GB per month after that. Server Edition is designed specifically for backing up files on servers and costs $5 per server per month for 10 GB and costss 50 cents per GB per month after that. With their professional plans, Jungle Disk offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support

Jungle Disk does not offer phone or live chat customer support, but they do offer email support, which we found takes about four to eight hours to respond. If your backup somehow failed, this lengthy reply time would be a problem. Because of the limited service, we found Jungle Disk’s customer service to be low quality. Jungle Disk does, however, offer FAQs and user forums, which we found to be helpful overall.


Jungle Disk’s parent company, Rackspace Hosting, Inc. has been in business for more than five years. Jungle Disk uses AES 256 bit encryption to secure your files as they are transferred.


Jungle Disk’s Simply Backup plan backs up only one machine and costs $2 per month for 5 GB and then costs 15 cents per GB per month after that. We found this to be slightly high compared to other online backup plans. Their Desktop Edition allows you to sync and access content across all of your machines and costs $3 per month for 5 GB and then costs 15 cents per GB per month after that. As mentioned above, Jungle Disk’s professional plans begin at $4 per month for 10 GB. Unlike many other online backup services, Jungle Disk does not offer an annual discount or a free personal account.

Jungle Disk's Pricing

5 GB


50 GB


200 GB


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Jungle Disk's Features

Professional Options


Automatic Backup


Scheduled Backup


Incremental Backups


File Sharing


File Versioning


File Restoration


System Compatibility

Windows, Mac, Linux

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