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Online File Sharing

File Sharing vs. Online Backup

There are many differences between file sharing and online backup. File sharing refers to distributing and providing access to digitally stored information and is a great way to share videos, photos, music, and other documents. File sharing services are often used to share different media types and usually are more of a social/sharing service.
Online backup refers to automatically and securely backing up files on your computer at a service provider’s data center, where files can be accessed and restored at a later date. Online backup services usually offer features such as file versioning and scheduled backup. Online backup services are used by many types of users, including businesses, to protect and backup data.

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Why Use File Sharing?

File sharing services provide a convenient and affordable way to share what you want with whom you want to share it. Many services offer a set amount of free storage space, and you can choose which files to make public and which ones to set as private. You can share practically any type of information with friends, family, coworkers, employees or employers. You can use it to share personal files such as movies and photo albums, or you can use it to share documents with coworkers if you need to collaborate and work on a project at the same time.

File Sharing Features

Here are some common features that can be found on file sharing services: 

  • Set amount of free storage space (usually between 5-10 GB) 
  • Multiple file uploads  
  • Share music, video, photos, documents
  • Folder sharing with different access levels
  • Access files from any computer with an Internet connection

Top Online Backup Companies Offering File Sharing Features


We found that SugarSync met most of our Market Standard criteria, with pricing comparable to most other online backup services. SugarSync charges $4.95 a month for 30 GB of storage. SugarSync is incredibly easy to use, and they have several advanced features, such as a “Restore Wizard” that lets you restore lost files for an indefinite amount of time, and a mobile phone app for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android.

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We found that IDrive met or exceeded almost all of our Market Standard criteria, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an online backup service. IDrive offers a personal plan with up to 150 GB for $4.95 per month. They also offer several professional options that include additional features, such as server backup. We were also pleased with IDrive’s “Restore Wizard” that allows you to restore your files as far back as 30 previously saved versions. IDrive’s only con is their lack of an annual discount.

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